Don't quit your day job.
Trade part time

Just a few minutes per day

Low frequency trading

Trades are held for a few days or weeks. Only a few trades per month.

Capture market moves

Swing trades capture moves in up, down, and sideways markets.

Magnify returns

Increase returns with leveraged ETFs and compounding.

Diversify and hedge

Reduce risk with diversification and hedging strategies.

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    • Mechanical trading systems eliminate subjective and emotional trading decisions.
    • Proprietary algorithms generate entry and exit signals for each trade.

    • Our trading systems adapt and react to market conditions.
    • Trending and non-trending, volatile and non-volatile markets.

    • Diversified ETFs reduce the risk of a single stock.

    • Trades are held for a few days or weeks.
    • Fewer trades saves time and effort, and reduces commissions.

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